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Series: Botcon Exclusives
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager Convention Exclusive
Function: Decoy
Year: 2011

Subjugation am not right of all insentient beings.
Toxitron was the first attempt by Doctor Scalpel and Oil Slick to protoform a warrior in an Autobot shell. The failed experiment produced a bizarre dupllicate of Optimus Prime with immense strength, corrosive toxic sludge cannons, a hopelessly stunted intellect, and a penchant for driving backwards in vehicle mode. Fortunately for the Decepticons, the data from this mishap lead to greater success with Projects Stunticon and Nemesis Prime.

Prelude: Goodbye! Toxitron am greatest Autobot hero ever! Saves pretty ladybot Dragstrip from evil Stunticons, who are not in any way Decepticons. Toxitron no am part of plan to liberate great Megatron from Trypticon prison, Toxitron am hero through and through. Toxitron no am clone or repaint of Optimus Prime, either, he am fully original and heroic! And Toxitron will not accept prison term of anything less than 20,000 stellar cycles, for Toxitron not imprisoned with you, you am imprisoned with Toxitron. So let’s say stop!

Remarks: I tried, I really did. I intended to write this entire review in Toxitron/Bizarro speech, but I finally gave up. I am very sorry. Anyway, Toxitron is yet another repaint of the Voyager Optimus Prime mold from Animated, so look for the full review there. The name and color scheme of Toxitron hails from a planned but never-produced Botcon exclusive for the original Universe line, based on the G2 Laser Optimus Prime mold. His personality is basically Bizarro from Superman, a failed clone who does everything in reverse, even drive.

Toxitron played a role in the Botcon 2011 exclusive comic as the “hero” in the Motor Master’s Stunt show. The plan to liberate Megatron failed and Toxitron ended up in prison, though not before thoroughly frustrating the Autobots by refusing to cooperate and continually demanding a higher prison sentence. Anyway, Toxitron is nothing more and nothing less than a repaint, but he is a very, very fun repaint and a perfect example on why exactly Animated was one of the most fun toy lines in the entire history of the Transformers franchise.

Rating: A-
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