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Series: Botcon Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Convention Exclusive
Year: 2011

You break the rules, you answer to me.
A hard-boiled, hard-hitting, hard-fighting bot who's been around the block and seen it all. Underneath all his bluster, though, is the same idealistic Autobot who has been serving in one capacity or another for millions of stellar cycles. Incredibly observant, he misses nothing and forgets even less. He has little patience with those who act before they think, perhaps because they remind him of his own lost youth.

Remarks: Sideswipe is a repaint of Animated Rodimus Prime and uses the same new head mold as his Botcon 2011 mate Breakdown, so just some quick words on the differences here.

Sideswipe’s paint job here is a homage to G2 version of the character, which was mostly black with some bright green, red and white highlights. Animated Sideswipe here has rather faithfully brought that paintjob into the 21st century, the only difference being the big green spoiler in car mode (G2 Sideswipe was a Lamborghini Countach with just a very small, black spoiler) and the lack of silver feet in robot mode (they’re just black here). Other than that, a great homage.

Sideswipe was the main character in the Botcon 2011 comic book, the Autobot cop who figured out the Stunticons’ plan to break Megatron out of prison. Many thanks to my good buddy Caked-Up aka James, who got this figure for me in order to pay for his “rent” (he was staying on my couch for a week during his visit in Germany). Very much appreciated. A great figure, worth the price of a convention exclusive.

Rating: A-
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