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Series: Botcon Exclusives
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe Convention Exclusive
Function: Weaponry Expert
Year: 2011

A brilliantly designed piece of firepower is a work of art!
Fisitron is an overly enthusiastic maker of tools, and the genius behind some of the most effective weapons in the Autobot arsenal. In his cozy lab he makes whatever comes to mind. For each strange gizmo he dreams up, he also manages to develop devices that can turn an Autobot into a one-bot wrecking crew. He always keeps a pair of nucleon shock gauntlets handy. Although Fisitron created Optimus Prime´s laser axe, it is often credited to his rival Skyfall.

Prelude: Fisitron is better known as Ironfist, though “better known” is a very relative term here. Despite having been around since 1993, Ironfist was the kind of obscure character where even hardcore Transformers fans would probably think of the Marvel Comics character first. Fisitron / Ironfist did receive a brief peak of popularity, though, when he starred in IDW’s acclaimed “Last Stand of the Wreckers” comic book, which also translated into an appearance in 2011’s Animated-themed Botcon exclusive figure line. So let’s say go!

Robot Mode: Fisitron is yet another use of the mold used for Cybertron Mode RatchetIronhide / Armorhide, and the Botcon Autotroopers, all of whom already have reviews here on my site. So just some words on the differences here. Fisitron uses the same head mold as the Autotroopers, which is actually a very close match to his look in the iDW comics. His coloring is mostly burnt orange and turquoise, which isn’t quite his IDW colors, but close. In terms of weapons he carries the same shock gauntlets the other versions of this mold use.

Overall not much has changed about this robot mode other than the coloring, but it works very well and really looks a whole lot like IDW Ironfist. Nicely done.

Alternate Mode: Not much new I can say here. Fisitron transforms into the same four-tracked vehicle as the other versions, only with a new paintjob. I still like this vehicle mode a lot, it looks sufficiently alien, while at the same time being easily recognizable as a vehicle. So nicely done and moving on.

Remarks: Fisitron had only a minor role in the Botcon 2011 comic book. He was a weapon designer and it was from his workshop that the Stunticons stole their weapons. He also helped thwart their plans by giving Optimus Prime and electronic paint job so he could masquerade as Toxitron.

I admit that my fondness for the Animated toys probably colors my perception a bit, but I really love these Botcon repaints and the story that surrounds them. Objectively speaking Fisitron is nothing more and nothing less than yet another repaint, but he’s a pretty nice repaint, showcasing a rather obscure character that got a brief moment of glory. So bottom line: a good mold, a good repaint, a fun character. What more do you want?

Rating: B+
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