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Series: Binaltech
Allegiance: Cybertron
Year: 2004

Thanks to the cooperative development of Daimler-Chrysler and Hybrid Technologies Corporation, this Autobot tracker is equipped with all the latest detection functions. Hound has a supreme love of Earth's natural environment and longs deep in his spark to become a human being. He feels the Binaltech plan is just like the first step to his dream coming true, as as a staunch supporter of the project, he has volunteered his cooperation in advancing the introduction and testing of new technology with all their accompanying dangers. In addition to his deep loyality and fearless heroism, he is awakening to a higher level of perception thanks to the high-precision sensors equipped all over his structure.

Robot Mode: Hound holds a great deal of resemblance to his G1 incarnation. The only thing missing is the shoulder-mounted cannon, which could have served the same duty in vehicle mode, as G1 Hound was armed in vehicle mode as well. Even with but a single, smaller weapon, though, Binaltech Hound is an excellent figure. Very posable, very detailed, and just fun-looking, especially his face. I applied some stickers to make him a bit more like his G1 predecessor, adding the military markings that carry over from his vehicle mode. With or without them, though, an excellent figure. Straight A in robot mode.

Vehicle Modes: The trend continues into vehicle mode. Hound does an excellent job as a jeep and while he does look a bit different here from his G1 days, there is still quite a bit of resemblance. I would have found it nice had they gone with the military jeep design again, maybe adding a weapon on the back as they did in the old days, but even without all that it's still an excellent vehicle mode. Hound has four seats, a spare tire, the doors open, and the interior is well detailed. Absolutely no complaints.

Remarks: I don't normally buy the same model twice, so already having Alternators Swindle, I hesitated quite some time before buying Hound. I don't regret it, though. Hound, like Swindle, is an excellent Alternator/Binaltech and the fun I had making him more like his G1 version with the stickers from was well worth the price. I wouldn't go so far as to call Hound the best of the Alternators/Binaltechs, but he is very close to the top and well worth getting.

Rating: A


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