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Series: Alternators
Allegiance: Autobot
Year: 2004

Despite his strength and blazing speed, Silverstreak is not a warrior by nature. His incessant, tedious, long speeches sometimes bore those around him, but also smooth over tense situations. This penchant of his is intended to cover his mental scars from past battles. Developments on Silverstreak's body, which was preceded by the rest of the BT numbers, progressed beyond those who came before him, but the EDC inspection bureau was concerned about his mental capacity, so his consignment to actual combat was temporarily deferred. However, he proved his abilities by undergoing rigorous simulations and oral exams, achieving a magnificent comeback to the line of battle.

Remarks: Silverstreak is a repaint of Smokescreen, so check out the full review there. Actually, it makes sense for the two of them to share the same mold, seeing as they did back in their G1 days (along with G1 Prowl). Silverstreak replaces Smokescreen's mostly blue colour scheme with lots of silver and some red, looking quite good in the process. Apart from that there really is little difference between the two figures.

Back in the G1 days Bluestreak (as Silverstreak was called then) was the fast-talker of the Autobots (preceding Blurr by two years), always trying to lighten the mood and often failing miserably, but his heart was in the right place. As a character he was just another one of the rank and file back then, never really standing out, but he was a fun little guy. The Alternators version adheres to the high standards of the line, featuring an excellent vehicle mode paired with a very posable and good-looking robot mode. Whether you need both Silverstreak and Smokescreen depends on your personal taste, of course, but you should own at least one version of this excellent figure.

Rating: A


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