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Series: Alternators
Allegiance: Autobot
Year: 2003

I don't break the rules. I bend them - a lot.
The second Autobot to be reborn with the help of the engineering team-PVO in the Daimler Chrysler Corporation. With in-depth research into Transformer technologie and incorporating their own unique conversion techniques, the team was able to create a high-performance robot with specifications unmatched in the world. In robot mode Sideswipe is equipped with backpack booster and antigrav panels below the legs that allow him to fly short distances. The corporation also prepared a large stock of back-up parts to replaces any damages Sideswipe takes during battles.

Robot Mode: Sideswipe does look a bit different than his old G1 incarnation. That's mostly because of his being a Dodge Viper instead of an old-style Lamborghini, I guess. In this incarnation the windshield becomes his chest instead of the hood. Anyway, the general resemblance is there, the head and color scheme, as well as the general layout fit. Like all Alternators Sideswipe is quite posable, though his movements are a bit restricted due to the car parts on his back and the hood that extends as a kind of half-skirt from his lower back. You can't put him in poses as elaborate as Smokescreen's, for example, but he is still quite limber. He carries his motor block as a weapon in this mode and his hands are such that his trigger finger can move separately from the others. All in all a good robot toy, though not quite as good as my first Alternator, Smokescreen.

Vehicle Mode: Sideswipe transforms into a red Dodge Viper and looks very good doing it. The car doesn't have a roof, so you don't have to strain to see the detailed interior. The hood opens up to show the motor block, the wheels can be moved independently, and the doors open up. No trunk, but the trunk space of these kinds of cars is laughable anyway, so no loss there. All in all a great car mode. If you didn't know it's a robot you'd be hard-pressed to tell it from here.

Remarks: Sideswipe is my second Alternator and in some ways a bit of a letdown compated to my first one, but still one hell of a good toy. He was also a great character in the G1 series (as far as character depth went there), being one of the few Autobots who actually liked going into battle and especially liked going up close and personal with the Decepticons. I think I would have preferred it if they had stuck to the Lamborghini mode he originally had, but the Viper looks good, too. All in all, a great toy.

Rating: A-

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