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Series: Alternators
Allegiance: Decepticon
Year: 2007

Beast Mode: Much like his G1 incarnation Ravage doesn't have a robot mode as such, but rather transforms into a robotic jaguar. As weapons he carries missile launchers on his hind legs, again like his G1 incarnation. The whole jaguar is pretty posable and nicely detailed, especially the head. The only drawback is his midsection, which is kind of thin and folded together, making it strange to look at from certain angles. I've heard some people say they don't like the fact that the hood from his car mode is on his back, but I myself don't really mind that. So all in all a good beast mode that might have benefitted from some additional panels to thicken his midsection a little.

Vehicle Mode: The Alternators pride themselves on hyper-realistic car modes and Ravage makes no exception. Transforming into a Jaguar XK, Ravage does the model proud. Everything you've come to expect from Alternator cars is here. Rubber tires, fine detailing, a fully sculpted interior, the works. Absolutely no complaints here at all.

Remarks: If you read my review of Battle Ravage, you might remember how I complained about the fact that Ravage, who was called Jaguar in Japan, didn't transform into a Jaguar model car, but rather a Corvette. Well, that problem is fixed here with this new version of Ravage and they fixed it good. Ravage is the first Alternator officially sold in German toy stores and was out here before he was even heard from in America, all of which makes him quite special to me. Also, he's a cool figure, a great homage to Generation 1, and the first Decepticon Alternator who is not a repaint of an Autobot Alternator. Sure, the beast mode isn't perfect, but overall he is a great figure and I can well recommend him to pretty much everyone.

Rating: A-


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