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Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Dinobot
Year: 1993

I have no need for friends, even less for enemies.
Slag is enormously strong, disruptive, and just plain mean-spirited and often brawls with his comrades... which is why they seldom help him when he's in trouble. Despite his nasty, rash personality, he does share their dislike for authority. His mouth shoots 3000 degrees Celsius flames up to 80 feet and he enjoys melting enemies into pools of liquid metal. He isn't too bright and likes shattering brick buildings with his head, he also uses an electron blaster in Dinobot Mode.

Robot Mode: Slag in robot mode is nothing much to write home about. His overly large feet give him a solid base, but make him look slow and cumbersome (maybe that's intentional, as it pretty much describes him in the cartoon). The green colour doesn't do much for him, either. The horns on the back and the winglike parts of his Dinosaur shell on his back give him a sinister air, though. He is show accurate (except for the colour, of course), but little more than that.

Beast Mode: Slag looks good in Dinosaur mode, except (again) for the colour. Stocky and powerful-looking, he looks like he might just start running to barrel over Decepticons. A very good mode with little need for improvement.

Mising Parts: Slag is missing all his weapons (pistol, sword, and rocket launcher)

Remarks: One thing right at the get-go. I bought this toy only because G1 versions of Slag don't come cheap and this one did, very much so. The green colour is not good, though, and I regret buying it, at least a little. If an affordable G1 Slag ever comes along this one is history.

I wanted Slag for my collection, though. The most vicious and hostile of the Dinobots, he was a tough one to keep under wraps even for his leader Grimlock. He grew especially dear to me because of one of the Earthfore stories Simon Furman wrote for the Marvel UK Transformers comic series, where Slag ticked out and all the other Dinobots had to try and stop him all the while Grimlock tried to keep a visiting Optimus Prime from noticing anything.

Bottom line, Slag was a must-have, but not in this colour.

Rating: C-

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