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Series: Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Rotor-Force
Year: 1994

If there's a chance for destruction, I take it!
This smooth talking eye-in-the-sky plane is known for providing fellow Decepticons with air attack strategies after returning from recon patrols over Autobot base camps. He's also a high-tech robot who will fight with a vengeance if shot down behind enemy lines. In airplane mode, he's equipped with a magnetic field generator for stealth attack capabilities. Rocket power propeller attacks enemies during dogfights.

Robot Mode: Ransack is a mostly purple robot (I have to mention this because purple somehow always turns out blue on my pictures) and it isn't hard to guess what he transforms into, seeing as the rear end of the plane makes up his chest. This causes a bit of a problem with his posability, seeing as the fins of the plane tail interfere with his arm movement. It looks pretty cool, though. Speaking of posability, Ransack has fully posable arms, but is a brick from the chest down. This makes him a bit below average in regards to the other (non-G1-reissue) G2 figures.

As a member of the Rotor-Force Ransack carries a spinning propeller as a weapon. It's really the propeller from his jet mode. There are actually two versions of Ransack out there. This one, and another who has a black propeller. You can wind up the propeller and then release it with the push of a button. Gimmick still works fine and it's among the better ones from that age. So all in all a decent, if somewhat unspectacular robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Ransack's alternate mode is a World War II era fighter jet, more specifically the Chance Vought F4U Corsair. Personally I love that model. I used to watch "Black Sheep Squadron" on TV as a kid. Anyway, Ransack makes for a pretty good likeness here and the robot parts all fold away properly. The winding-up and launching of the propeller works in this mode as well, of course. So all in all a very decent jet mode, no complaints.

Remarks: Ransack was among the new generation of Decepticon warriors built by Bludgeon and brought to life by Megatron in the G2 comic book series from Marvel Comics. He didn't play that big a role, though, and ended up being just one more body thrown against the might of the Swarm. As a toy, though, I kinda like Ransack, mostly because of his alternate mode. He certainly isn't a must-have, but if you can get him for a decent price, you might just want to give him a try.

Rating: B-


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