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with Lube

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Powermaster
Year: 1988

Sometimes, if you wait long enough, problems solve themselves.
Disorganised, neglectful, sloppy; often goes to war without his weapon or grinds to a halt for lack of fuel. Relies on others to pay the consequences for his mistakes. Often locked in vehicle mode because he's left behind his partner, the Nebulan Lube, without whom he can't transform. Lube is meticulous, short-tempered, and usually at odds with Slapdash. Armed with a powerful electro magnetiser that drains Decepticon power sources.

Robot Mode: Slapdash makes for a stocky, powerful-looking robot, but like most Transformers from this time he disappoints in the area of posability. He can only move his arms at the elbows, that's pretty much it. Still, his looks aren't too bad and the various loose parts from the race car mode click together into a stable rucksack for him. A sligth bonus: If he loses the Powermaster figure sitting in his chest, he can cover up that hole with parts from his rucksack and actually looks better that way than with the engine. So all in all a decent robot mode, but nothing special.

Alternate Mode: Slapdash transforms into a formula 1 racing car and does a good job of it. His gun can fit on top of the car and you can either put the Powermaster figure Lube in as the engine or leave him in robot mode and seal his docking port with a click-on engine part. A decent vehicle mode with our without the Powermaster figure.

Partners / Add-Ons: Slapdash comes with Powermaster figure Lube. Nothing extraordinary about him, he has decent posability and detailing for a figure his size, but that's it.

Remarks: Like most other Powermaster toys Slapdash makes for a decent figure that is neither particularly enhanced or dragged down by the Master-gimmick. He can function in both modes with or without the Nebulon figure, so bonus points for that. He looks decent and his stocky build make him look the strong, but overall he's no more than an average figure for his time.

Rating: C
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