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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Decepticon Jet
Year: 1986

Desolation follows in my trail.
Scourge is fearsome, merciless and implacable hunter. Created from Decepticon wreckage, he leads "The Sweeps", a wolf pack of tracker-terminator's designed to hunt down and eradicate Autobots. Scourge possesses powerful high-tech scanning equipment and a disintergater ray that can cut through solid rock. In robot Mode, he carries a laser blaster that shoots short bursts of intense heat. Scourge's only weakness is his arrogance..

Robot Mode: Scourge is a typical Transformers figure for that year, the first year in which Transformers stopped using old Diaclone and Microman designs and created their first original figures. He is all-plastic, barely posable (the arms move and you can bend the knees a little, that's it), and his resemblance to the cartoon character leaves a bit to be desired. Oh, the face and most of the body is more or less accurate, but he is missing the signature 'bat-wings' and finger claws TV-Scourge had. Still, look-wise Scourge is still a decent robot and recognisable as his TV counterpart. I call him average.

Alternate Modes: As simple as they come, Scourge folds his 'wings' around him and becomes a hovercraft / spacecraft. The vehicle closely resembles the TV-counterpart, but that isn't that hard a job. There isn't really much I can say about this vehicle mode.

Remarks: Scourge was created by Unicron from the remains of one of the G1 Seekers, either Skywarp or Thundercracker (start your discussion here). He didn't play a large part in the movie, but was of the main bad guys in the third season of the cartoon, mostly paired with fellow Unicronian Cyclonus. He could also replicate a seemingly endless number of Sweeps as his army. The Sweeps were the redshirts of the Decepticons, getting shot, crushed, and maimed with frightening regularity. Fun guys.

As a figure Scourge isn't much, but he does his job of more or less resembling the cartoon character. The figure was later released anew as a Targetmaster, Scourge's weapon replaced with a Nebulon figure. All in all I'd recommend Scourge to G1 fanatics, but from today's standpoint he's an average toy at best. A nostalgia bonus puts the plus behind the C.

Rating: C+
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