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Series: G1 Reissues Encore
Allegiance: Cybertron
Categories: Minibot
Year: 2008

Rules are detours on the road of life.
Thinks going by the book is going the long way. Doesn't follow plans -- or roads! Cuts across parking lots, sidewalks, backyards to get where he's going. Travels at 110mph, range 800 miles, his 4-wheel drive handles roughest terrain, climbs grades up to 50 degrees. Carries turret-mounted mortar cannon that shoots armour-piercing shells.

Robot Mode: Outback is based on Brawn, though he's more than a simple repaint. His face, chest, and hands have been remolded, making him an almost completely different figure. His face is actually a pretty close match to the one he wore in the cartoon and comics. He has more than simple claws as hands, the fists are nicely sculpted. His posability is, of course, not improved over Brawn, meaning it's pretty low. He can move his arms at the shoulders and the legs at the hips. The latter poses problems, though, as he has pretty small feet and isn't the most stable Minibot ever. Still, as far as looks go, Outback does pretty well in his size class. One of the better Minibot robot modes.

Alternate Mode: Like Brawn Outback transforms into a 4x4 jeep, though he's tan instead of green. And this is also where Outback differs from all the other Generation 1 Minibots: He carries a gun. Okay, he can only use it in vehicle mode, as there's nowhere he can hold or put it in robot mode, but still: A Minibot with a gun. That's something only Outback can boast. The vehicle mode itself looks pretty good considering his size and it's armed, people! Armed. Making it one of the more exciting Minibot alternate modes out there.

Remarks: Outback didn't exactly play a big role in G1, but he does have the distinction of being voiced by Dan Gilevan, the same guy who did Bumblebee. In the G1 cartoon he only ever appeared once to sniff out Decepticons in the five-part-episode "Five Faces of Darkness" and in the Marvel UK Comics he helped Optimus Prime survive on Cybertron when a Decepticon plot had him hunted by his own people. But that's pretty much it. Oh, and he spoke with a thick Australian accent.

The toy is a rather extensive remold of the Brawn figure and looks pretty good. This Encore version of Outback here is pretty much identical to the original from 1986 except for the blue colour on his visor. I probably wouldn't have bought Outback on his own, but as part of the Encore Minibot package he's a nice addition to my collection. And he was voiced by Dan Gilvezan, which helps a lot. So I can mildly recommend Outback to all G1 fans.

Rating: C+
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