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with Hi-Q

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Powermaster
Year: 1988

Freedom is the right of all sentinent beings.
The beloved leader of all Autobots. Dedicated to protecting all life forms -- mechanical, human, and otherwise. Willing to sacrifice anything in order to end the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. Wise and compassionate... the inspiration that fuels every Autobot. Binary bonded to the super intelligent Nebulan computer programmer, HiQ. In engine mode, HiQ handles all of Prime's power needs. Trailer transforms into armed fortress, complete with laser rifle, concussion blaster, and 2 twin particle beam cannons. Tractor and trailer combined construct Optimus Prime's new super-powered robot form.

Robot Mode: Optimus Prime's basic robot mode is a more streamlined (and less posable) version of the 1984 original. The truck front on his chest is fake, the real one is on his back, where his Powermaster figure can fit.

The real treat of this Optimus figure is his super mode in combination with the trailer. Massive and heavily armed, Powermaster Prime is now at even height with those Transformers that used to tower over him. He doesn't have much in the way of posability, but he kicks ass in the looks department.

Alternate Mode: Optimus Prime transforms into a red semi-cap and trailer. Unlike the 1984 version, though, the trailer is heavily armed, sporting four cannons that can fire in various directions.

Partners / Add-Ons: The trailer transforms into Powermaster Prime's battle armor (sort-of) and into a command station. The stations is nothing much to write home about, but looks good when combined with other base mode Transformers such as Fortress Maximus.

Prime's engine block transforms into a Powermaster figure called Hi-Q. In the comics Hi-Q was a Nebulan and the inventor of the Powermaster process. The figure itself is pretty detailed and relatively posable. It can also fit onto one of the double-barelled cannons in base mode.

Remarks: After the Head- and Targetmasters Hasbro decided to bring out yet another 'Masters' line, the Powermasters. Their Nebulon partners transform into their engines, giving them an extrta powerboost. Hasbro also decided to reissue Optimus Prime as a Powermaster, though this model never saw screen time outside Japan, where it was renamed Super Ginrai for the Japanese Masterforce series. We in the west only ever saw it in the pages of the comic books.

The toy has its advantages and disadvantages. The small Prime figure doesn't look as good as the original and the station mode pretty much sucks. The truck looks pretty cool, though, and the big robot mode, while having almost nothing in the way of posability, looks massive and powerful. All in all, Powermaster Prime is pretty cool and should be part of any serious G1 collection.

Rating: B-
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