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Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Triple Changer
Year: 1986
I like the sea far away and my feet on the ground.
Doesn't like transforming into carrier or jet - gets seasick on water, has fear of heights. Effective, valiant warrior, but other Autobots wish he wouldn't gripe so much. Expands to 1200 ft length as carrier, capable of landing jets and carrying other Autobots. 15,000 mile range, 40 knots maximum speed. Projects 80,000 volt electric field around himself in jet mode. Has high-energy plasma-pulse gun and shattering vibro-axe in robot mode.
Robot Mode: The best way to describe Broadside's robot mode is "brick standing upright". Granted, his posability is on a par with Blitzwing's as he can move his arms a the shoulders, but Blitzwing at least looks like he could perhaps move without falling over. Broadside is just a big square. Weapon-wise he carries two battle axes (at least this knock-off does, the original carried an axe and a rifle). The robot mode is the worst of Broadside's modes and that's saying something.

Alternate Modes: Broadside is a triple-changer. His first alternate mode is an aircraft carrier. The mode looks decent at best. You can recognise it or what it's supposed to be, but Matchbox built more realistic-looking aircraft carriers at a smaller scale. The carrier is also too small to play with, not even a Micromaster jet could land on it. Zero play value here.

The second alternate mode is a jet. This is the best of Broadside's three modes, but it's still not all that good. I'm not sure what type of aircraft it is, but at least it looks pretty much the part with some decent detailing. Still, Broadside is barely any better in either alternate mode than in robot mode.

Remarks: Broadside made only a few short appearances in several Season 3 episodes of the G1 cartoon and while he was portrayed as one of the biggest and more powerful Autobots, he didn't leave any sort of lasting impression with me. The toy, a knock-off of the original from 1986, is just as spectacular, meaning not at all. Of the six triple-changers produced in G1, this one's easily the worst of the lot.

Rating: D
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