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with Arcana

Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Headmaster
Year: 1987

The strongest tyrant cannot crush freedom of thought!
So full of ideas that he often begins disclosing a new one before he finishes explaining the old one. Worked with the mysterious Nebulan medical doctor Arcana, to whom he's binary-bonded, to devise technology that created the Headmasters. In jet mode, maximum speed: 5200 mph. Range: 8000 miles. In robot mode, carries high-energy photon pulse cannons. Sometimes overheats and shorts out sections of his cerebro-circuitry.

Robot Mode: Brainstorm is a medium-sized Transformer in robot mode with average posability and a nice design. He is a bit stocky for my taste, caused by the cockpit, which has to be broad enough to fit Arcana. Apart from that, though, no complaints. Like with all Headmaster robots he has a panel on his chest, which opens up to show his stats (Strength, Speed, Intelligence) when the head is attached. Overall a nice robot, but no more than that.

Alternate Mode: Brainstorm transforms into a futuristic-looking jet. Not really that much to say here. It looks okay and Arcana can ride inside the cockpit (a feature that got lost with the later Headmaster figures). With one gun missing the jet looks a bit incomplete, but it still looks better with one rather than none.

Partners / Add-Ons: Brainstorm comes with Headmaster Arcana, who forms his head in robot mode and rides inside his cockpit in jet mode. Like most of the first wave Headmaster figures Arcana is quite posable and well-sculpted.

Missing Parts: Brainstorm is missing one of his guns.

Remarks: In the cartoon series the Headmasters were introduced in the series-finale "Rebirth", a three-parter that put an end to the G1 cartoon, at least in the western world. The Headmasters got their own series in Japan, but that's a whole different story. Brainstorm's sole showing on western TV was little more than an hour-long toy commercial, but still made for some decent viewing. Brainstorm was actually the one who, along with his Nebulon partner Arcana, developed the Headmaster process. Plus, he is one of very few Autobot flyers, so I wanted him for my collection. Unlike the later Headmaster robots, the first wave ones were pretty decent toys.

Rating: C+
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