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Series: Studio Series
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2020


Skipjack is part of the Studio Series Devastator (SS-69) giftset.

Finally, there is Skipjack, who is called Rampage when he is red (and sometimes when he’s yellow, too). To tell you the truth, I did not like his design back in Revenge of the Fallen and I still don’t like it today. While the idea is kind of neat, basically making him a humanoid jackhammer in robot mode, the execution is lackluster at best. Additionally he does not even have the whips that his earlier incarnation formed from his tracks. The only thing Skipjack can really do is stand there (with the help of a stand) and fling his claws about. His vehicle mode, a bulldozer, looks pretty decent, but that cannot really salvage the figure. So bottom line: a figure I can only recommend because you kind of need him to complete Devastator. Red or yellow? Your choice.

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