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Series: Studio Series
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2020


Hightower is part of the Studio Series Devastator (SS-69) giftset.

Constructicon Hightower might be the weirdest design of the entire group (which is saying something, considering Scavenger and Mixmaster). He is Deluxe-class and transforms from a yellow truss crane into a... well, a truss crane with a head and tiny little arms. The tracks of the crane bend to become his feet and that’s pretty much it for the transformation. The resulting robot certainly looks very interesting. The number of out-there, non-humanoid designs is one of the things I liked about the Revenge of the Fallen line. So Hightower gets a thumbs up for originality, but has little to offer otherwise. The legs are well-articulated, but the arms can’t really do anything and even using the crane as a kind of attack claw (his only weapon) doesn’t help much. So bottom line for Hightower: nice and original, but little beyond that.

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