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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Scout
Year: 2009

Back on Cybertron, most rolling surfaces are flat, lightly textured roads - perfect for speed and traction. It wasn't until he got to Earth that Dune Runner experienced anything like sand or shale. He can't say he enjoys his new vehicle mode, but he appreciates that it lets him patrol the deserts and mountains, where many Decepticons have taken to hiding.

Robot Mode: As a Scout class figure Dune Runner isn't big, but he certainly makes the most of his size. He looks bulky and strong, mostly because of his big arms, and the figure is as posable as any Scout figure you've ever laid hands on. Head, shoulders, elbows, legs, knees, feet, everything can be posed. That includes the two big cannons on his shoulders.

I'm a big fan of shoulder-mounted weapons, so Dune Runner scores a lot of points for that alone. Both cannons are nicely sculpted with a triple-barrel each and they're connected to the shoulder by a triple joint. Very nicely done.

The detailing of this figure is also nothing to sneeze at. The windshield on the chest is surrounded by sculpted rivets, the tires on his back and legs have sculpted profiles, everything looks pretty fantastic. Originally I thought that my version of Dune Runner has a messed-up paint job on his face, but apparently those gold "pupils" on his blue visor are intentional, as they're present on pretty much every picture I've seen of this figure so far.

Last but not least: Dune Runner looks a lot like Landmine, both in robot and in vehicle mode. The transformation is different and they're not supposed to be the same character, either, but the resemblance is definitely there. Which certainly isn't a bad thing, as Landmine is one of the best robots from the Movie line. So another point in Dune Runner's favour.

All in all there is nothing bad I can say about Dune Runner's robot mode. Pretty much perfect.

Alternate Mode: Just like Landmine did, Dune Runner transforms into an armored jeep / all-terrain vehicle. The two big guns now sit on top of the roof. Here the resemblance to Landmine is even stronger than it was in robot mode. The colouring is different and Landmine had but a single smaller gun on top, but apart from that...

Once again I must say that Dune Runner features very good detailing for a toy from this size class. This includes a sculpted steering wheel inside the driver's cabine. Funny side note. As Dune Runner's robot hands sit on the inside of what is now the car's doors, it almost looks like he's steering himself.

The cannons remain posable in this mode as well, of course. They can't turn sideways, but up and down isn't a problem. All in all there is nothing bad I can say about Dune Runner's vehicle mode, either. Very nice.

Remarks: Dune Runner hasn't made any in-media appearance so far, neither in the ROTF movie itself nor in the accompanying comics and novels (at least to my knowledge). That doesn't change the fact, though, that he is an excellent figure, especially considering his size class, and the strong resemblance to one of the best figures from the first Movie line, Landmine, certainly doesn't hurt, either.

So if you want to get a pretty perfect figure from the ROTF toy line, then Dune Runner is your man.

Rating: A


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