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Series: Revenge of the Fallen
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2009

Hidden deep in the driest desert on Earth, Brawl hid and waited for a new Decepticon leader to emerge. Though the Autobots searched for him, they never even came close to finding him. It enraged him that he was forced to hide in defeat. Now that Megatron has returned, he is ready to do battle again, and determined this time to destroy as many Autobots as he can.

Review by Caked-Up:

Overview: Here we have the Deluxe Class Deep Desert Brawl. I love this character for his raw power and rage, it's just too bad he didn't get to use the firepower he had in the movie. He's back for the ROTF line so let's see what we have here.

Robot Mode: I am introducing to you the new and improved Deluxe Class Brawl. The first time he appeared his shoulder tabs were incapable of holding the arms in position, but this time Hasbro has actually listened to us. His shoulder joints now work as they should. Aside from this retooling, this figure is the same Brawl mold with explicit detailing, but with a desert camouflage paint job. As I gaze upon Brawl, I still see someone who is ready for war. He has weaponry on nearly every piece of his body; only the leader class mold has more. For he has a an arm cannon, some sickle shaped claws, two machine guns, and finally two quad-missile launchers with which to blast Autobots back to the Allspark. Due to the retooling his posability has gone up considerably, but the smallish foot print still gets in the way. However, since he is not an acrobat, he does not need to bend that much. He will probably just blow up what’s in his way long before he would move around it. Brawl’s retooled mold now shows what the Movieverse toy lines are about.

Alternate Mode: Brawl still has his modified M1 Abrahms tank mode. It is still very good looking, but the desert paint is much more applicable to the “War in Iraq.” My only complaint is that you cannot move the turret without exposing the head. Other than that he is damn near a perfect tank. His turrets move independently and his missile pods have unlimited positions, but none of the cannons can move up or down. Despite this shortcoming, he still has a near perfect alt-mode.

Key Transformation Points: If you so choose, the tread assemblies on the legs can pivot backwards. This makes the front a little cleaner looking, but clutters the back. Your choice either way.

Remarks: I had this mold for the first movie, but I exchanged him four times because of the shoulder issue. After I found out it was the poor construction on the mold I quit and cried a little inside. News flash, the mold is fixed. Now if only he were at least in scale to Bludgeon. Anyways I highly recommend him to everyone.

Rating: A


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