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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2007

Vanity is not a fault from which Autobot Ratchet typically suffers. He is more concerned with saving the lives of his fellow Autobots than with what they think about him. He's never paid much attention to the decoration adorning his vehicle mode. However, after discovering the tendency for human rescue vehicles to be decorated in certain ways, he started paying more attention to his appearance. His new paint job helps him fit in and allows him to help more humans than ever before. Plus, these new decorations just seem more natural somehow.

Robot Mode: Ratchet is the biggest and most massive of the Voyager class robots yet, which is kind of ironic because the character is the least likely to pick a fight. Anyway, he is big, posable, and while the colouring takes some getting used to, I like it by now. He doesn't look much like G1 Ratchet, but I've pretty much stopped making that comparison with the Movie figures. Ratchet looks really cool and the fact that he follows the standard car-hood-as-chest design, but reverses it, is kind of a neat idea. Weapon-wise Ratchet can use his roof-rack as either a shield or a claw (the latter looks pretty stupid in my opinion, though). His right arm features a folding blade. So all in all, a pretty great robot mode, no complaints.

Vehicle Mode: Ratchet transforms into an SUV-style rescue vehicle. Not sure how realistic the greenish colouring is for a rescue vehicle in the US, but all in all the car looks pretty good and pretty realistic. Like with most of the Movie vehicle modes, there are no additional gimmicks to be found here, but that's okay by me. Like I mentioned in some of the other reviews, I fondly remember the times when transforming into a vehicle WAS the gimmick. So a good, solid vehicle mode.

Remarks: Ratchet is one of those figures on which you can find absolutely no fault, but he lacks that indefinable something that would make me call him great instead of merely good. He's a solid figure, looks cool, and I can easily recommend, but it doesn't quite suffice for an A rating. Still, go get him.

Rating: B+
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