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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Fast Action Battler
Year: 2007

Optimus Prime is the most powerful Autobot in the universe. His armored body is without weakness, and his weapon systems are advanced beyond anything ever before seen on Earth. His Power Hook fires a pulse-blast of explosive energy or a matter hook that can snatch and hang on to nearby objects. He is the mightiest defender of freedom this or any other world has ever seen!

Robot Mode: Despite being a slightly simplified version of the Autobot leader, Fast Action Battler Prime features a nicely detailed and posable robot mode. The detailing of the head is especially intricate, making it look almost as if Optimus' had real human eyes and is squinting a bit. The large backpack makes him a bit boxy and prone to toppling over backwards, but he can compensate. Prime can put his power hook missile into his arm as a weapon or store it on his back. All in all a nice, Deluxe-sized Optimus Prime figure.

Vehicle Mode: Optimus transforms into the long-nosed red-and-blue truck we've all seen images of by now. He's a bit flatter than the truck of the Leader Class version and I'm a bit miffed that the windows aren't even a different colour than the surrounding frame, not to mention not transparent. Apart from that, though, the truck mode is decent. If you leave the power hook missile in Prime's arm while transforming him, it remains sticking out the front of the truck. Not only does that look pretty goofy, it's also useless, because the missile trigger is now inside, where you can't reach it. So if you transform Prime into truck mode, make sure to remove the missile first and store it in the back.

Remarks: I guess it was inevitable that the Movie line would feature many versions of the Autobot leader and the Fast Action Battler is the first I can call my own. As a toy he is clearly geared toward a slightly younger audience, but the figure is still pretty good and the gimmick, while goofy in truck mode, is okay and doesn't hurt it. While I wouldn't call this Prime as good as the Leader Class figure (which I've had the opportunity to handle at Hasbro's press event, but sadly couldn't take home with me), he is nice and if you're looking for a Prime on scale with your Deluxe figures, Fast Action Battler Optimus is a pretty good choice.

Rating: B
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