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Series: Movie AllSpark Power
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2008

Infused with the power of the AllSpark, this old warrior feels like he just rolled off the production line. It's great to feel young again, and with the war over, Ironhide feels free to indulge his wild side in the mountains and deserts of Earth. Together with his new human friends, he's having the time of his life conquering the most challenging trails on the planet, from Death Valley to the darkest Amazon basin. Of course, if something gets in the way he can't drive over, well, he can just blast his way through it with his newly supercharged weapons systems. No one said the end of the war meant he never got to blow stuff up again.

Remarks: Offroad Ironhide is, of course, a repaint of the first Movie Ironhide, so look there for the full review. Just a few words on the differences. Where the original Ironhide was mostly black with some grey, Offroad Ironhide sports a few more colours, primarily a deep blue. Some lighter Allspark-blue is also in there, along with some yellow and different shades of grey. When I saw the first images of this toy I didn't like the colour scheme much, but holding it in hand it looks pretty cool. My one complaint is that they made his eyes completely Allspark-blue. It looks... out of place, somehow. Maybe Allspark-blue on the inside with an outer edge of darker blue would have looked better.

Anyway, there have been no changes apart from the colours to this figure. Despite that, though, the problem with Ironhide's shoulders is somewhat lessened here. Whereas the original could only have the shoulders flat or at a steep angle, Offroad Ironhide manages to position them in the middle, which looks a lot better. Not sure whether that's just something with my version or a general improvement, but I'm glad about it.

I wouldn't have bought this figure under normal circumstances, but the supermarket chain REAL put the remaining Movie figures on clearance and I got a bargain on Ironhide. So now he's here and I'm not sad about it. He's certainly not a must-have and the 1st Ironhide is, of course, a far better match to the character as he appeared in the Movie, but if you can get a bargain on Offroad Ironhide, there really is no reason not to grab him. He's cool.

Rating: B+

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