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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Real Gear
Year: 2007

Longview is impossible to surprise. It's not only because his vision is so incredible either; thanks to highly sophisticated quantum processors he can predict every possible outcome of any action within seconds. If he can see you, he knows what you're going to do even before you do. It's his job to keep an eye on the Decepticons and let Optimus Prime and the others know what they're planning.

Robot Mode: In my opinion the best-looking robot among the Real Gear line so far. Longview looks sleek, powerful, and I just love that head design with the visor over the eyes. Longview is pretty posable and his entire design just fits together really well. If there is one minor complaint I have, it's that he doesn't have holes in his fists for fitting in a weapon. Oh, and that he doesn't carry a weapon, too. Then again, he's the only one among the Real Gear figures I've seen so far who actually has fists instead of robotic claws, so that's a plus again. All in all, a great-looking robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Longview transforms into a pair of yellow and black binoculars. They are about the right size for a child to handle and with some straining an adult pair of eyes can also look through it. Oh, you actually can look through it, that works, but there aren't any telescopic lenses in there or anything, so if you manage to see anything, it's in original size. Make up your own mind about whether or not it makes sense for a robot to become a pair of binoculars, but Longview does it really well, so no complaints.

Remarks: The Real Gear robots pick up a theme that hasn't really been touched since Generation 1, meaning robots that turn into small things like tape decks, cameras, guns, or in this newest incarnation mobile phones, mp3 players, and in Longview's case a pair of binoculars. Leaving aside the whole mass shifting discussion and whether or not it makes sense for robots to become something this small, Longview is a great little robot with two nice modes. So unless you're totally opposed to the idea of the Real Gear line, Longview is a definite recommandation.

Rating: A-
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