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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Fast Action Battler
Year: 2007

Autobot Jazz is the embodiment of everything the Autobots stand for. Patient, kind, and generous with the weak, he is a fierce warrior in defense of freedom across the universe. No matter how tough the fight gets, he is always an optimist, but when push comes to shove, no robot is tougher or more willing to go down fighting. His arm cannon fires powerful concussive blasts of sonic energy.

Robot Mode: FAB Jazz is pretty much the spitting image of Deluxe Jazz, only slightly taller, with a bit less posability and a lot less detailing. He does have better arms, though. They aren't as posable, but they won't fall apart the first time he punches someone. Jazz can fire a blue missile from his left arm. When he doesn't need it, the missile can be stored along his right leg. All in all FAB Jazz is not as good a robot as Deluxe Jazz, but does have some advantages in regards to stability. Decent.

Vehicle Mode: Jazz once again becomes a grey sports car and does a decent job here as well. Just like with the robot mode there is a little less detailing and there is no way to use Jazz' weapon in car mode here, but all in all the car is nice and offers few grounds for complaints. Good, but not in any way extraordinary.

Remarks: The Fast Action Battlers are suppossed to be simplified, sturdier versions of the Transformers characters, so they can serve as toys for younger children. Jazz pretty much personifies that. Compared to his Deluxe incarnation he is slightly taller, slightly sturdier, slighly less complicated. From a collector's point of view FAB Jazz is inferior to Deluxe Jazz, which is why he is getting a slightly worse rating from me, but as a toy to be played with, FAB Jazz beats Deluxe Jazz (because he can actually throw a punch).

Rating: C+
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