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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Real Gear
Year: 2007

High Score 100 has been made into a master martial artist by years of watching some of the most dangerous fighters in the known universe try their skill against one another. By careful observation and copying their moves over and over again, he has reached a level of fighting skill previously unheard of among Transformers. If you are patient and willing to learn, he will teach what he knows, but be warned: The path to ultimate power is fraught with hazards.

Robot Mode: It has to be said, I just loooove this little robot here. He looks awesome. In robot mode High Score 100 resembles a Sumo wrestler, short, compact, extremely muscled. His huge arms and stubby legs give the impression of a powerhouse, ready to rumble with whoever gets in his way. His posability is excellent, restricted only by his somewhat off-proportions. A little more detailing would have been nice, but it doesn't hurt his otherwise cool look. Overall High Score 100 is one of my top candidates for best Real Gear robot yet.

Alternate Mode: High Score 100 transforms into a control pad for a game console. Don't ask me whether or not he's modelled after any specific pad for a specific console, the most modern console in my house is a Playstation 1. Still, the alt mode looks pretty realistic. The thumb pads can be moved, only the buttons can't be pressed. Still, a very nice alternate mode, no complaints.

Remarks: It seems to me that the Real Gear robots are just getting better and better. Not too long ago I wrote that Booster X10 was my favorite of the line, now High Score 100 is a serious contender for that position. I just love his robot mode, I can just see him walk up to a Decepticon three times his size and bash his face in. His alternate mode is good, a realistic portrayal of a control pad, so no complaints there, either. Sum it all up and you get a Transformer who richly deserves the rating "very good". Recommended!

Rating: A-
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