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Series: Movie AllSpark Power
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2008

When Evac received the transmission from Optimus Prime inviting the surviving Autobots to Earth, he knew he was needed there immediately. The final battle against Megatron could only have resulted in massive damage to the world, which meant that his skills would be critical. As a rescue specialist, Evac has spent his life travelling from one disaster zone to the next, protecting and saving those he could. He is totally fearless, willing to risk anything to help his fellow sentient creatures.

Review by LimeWire:

Prelude: Evac may be "just" a repaint of Blackout, but there are some differences. The head was completely remodelled and Scorponok was "transformed" into a rescue raft complete with tent. Said raft can be used as a hand-held blaster, by the way.

According to his bio Evac is one of the first Autobots to follow Optimus Prime's call to head for Earth. Seeing as his name is probably derived from "Medivac", he appears to be some kind of paramedic - a flying version of Ratchet, you might say, just a good deal bigger.

Alternate Mode: Evac transforms into a Sikorsky SH-53 of the American coast guard, but with four inconsistencies:

1. The "hooks" on the side don't exist in the coast guard version.
2. There should be sliding doors on the sides.
3. There should be a winch.
4. There should be a coast guard logo.

So not a perfect likeness unfortunately, but that doesn't take much away from this imposing helicopter. Why, you ask? Because it looks awesome, that's why. The choice of colours makes him extremely appealing to me. One downside, though: You notice that the cockpit's mold is black originally, because it does shine through a bit under the orange paint. Just like with Blackout and Incinerator there is a pulley for moving the rotor blades.

Robot Mode: I'm of two minds about this robot mode. In terms of stability he's much better than Blackout, but in terms of workmanship and quality of materials he appears definitely worse. The orange plastic appears brittle, slightly transparent, and the left arm tends to fall off because of the stiff joints. A positive aspect is that, despite the different hands, Evac is capable of holding individual rotor blades like swords, just like Blackout could.

Together with Wingblade he makes a perfect counterpart to the Decepticon team consisting of Blackout and Incinerator.
Rating: A-
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