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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

Dropkick didn't want to come to Earth, but Megatron made him. He'd rather stay home on Cybertron, sitting in the dark and being angry, but Megatron has him hauling materials all over this lame planet. He doesn't even know why the Allspark is so important, or why the Autobots need to be getting in his way all the time. He just wishes everyone would leave him alone. Still, while he's here, he might as well blow some stuff up. That's always fun.

Robot Mode: Dropkick features what might be the most innovative robot mode in years. While still basically humanoid in appearace, it does feature several out-of-the-ordinary parts. Most obvious are his knees, which are double-jointed, giving him a very strange, yet cool-looking gait. His head is also pretty cool, especially with the two antenna on the sides. His chest features the two halves of the truck's windshield, which you can either leave together or fold down separately. Each hand is equipped with a double-barreled weapon and both the truck doors as well as the side parts of the rear of the truck act as 'wings'. If there is one bad thing to say about this robot mode, it's that the connection between the torso and the shoulders is not as solid as it could be, but that's just a minor thing and doesn't take away from an otherwise excellent mode. They could have given him a better weapon than that huge grappling claw he has, but it doesn't hurt him, either. So bottom line, a very, very good robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Unlike his robot mode, Dropkick's vehicle mode is 'only' a good average. A nice, solid pick-up truck with good detailing and a Decepticon logo innovatively painted across the entire vehicle. The back of the pick-up can either be left empty or be filled with Dropkick's grappling claw. The design is such that when the claw extends backwards, it does so through the loading panel at the back of the truck. Pretty nicely done. So all in all, not the best vehicle mode ever, but certainly good.

Remarks: Despite not appearing in the actual Movie (he only scored a job on the video game), Dropkick is in my humble opinion one of the best figures of the Movie line of toys. His vehicle mode might not range above good, but the transformation is very innovative and the robot mode is just plain cool. I would have wished for a better hand-held weapon for him, but that's just details. Bottom line, Dropkick is perhaps the best Decepticon of the entire line (and once again a Deluxe-class figure takes that throne) and well worth getting.

Rating: A-
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