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Series: Movie
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

Before he came to Earth, Bumblebee could have cared less about his appearance. As long as his alternate mode kept him hidden and protected his plasma cannon from the weather, he was content. But now, on Earth, he has found friendship for the first time in as long as he can remember, in the person of Sam Witwicky. At Sam's urging, he scans a sweet new vehicle form. Now, he's still ready to fight to the end against the Decepticons, but he sure hopes nothing too bad happens to his paint job.

Robot Mode: This version of Bumblebee manages to be both a very nice-looking robot with superb detailing and very posable to boot. He's just plain cool, no doubt about it. Possibly the best-detailed Deluxe-class robot I've ever seen. The only thing that bugs me a tiny little bit about him is those little yellow plates on his shoulders. If you move the shoulders the wrong way, they pop off. Why they couldn't be fixed to the shoulders I don't know. Apart from that, though, a near-perfect robot mode. Weapon-wise he carries a gun that opens up into a short sword. I could have lived without the sword, but the gun is cool. Bottom line: A very, very good robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Bumblebee's 2008-style car mode is a vast improvement over his 1970s version, even if you're a fan of the classics. The colours are stronger, the look is sleeker, the windows are transparent, and there's even a tiny little 'Camaro' tag on the side. Bumblebee's weapon can be stored in the undercarriage and isn't visible from the outside at all. A very nice, superbly done car mode. No complaints.

Remarks: After Bumblebee spent the first half of the Transformers Movie driving around as a 70s Camaro, a stray comment from Mikaela caused him to scan a new vehicle mode (which just happened to drive by) and emerge a shiny new 2008 Concept Camaro. I have no idea where the rust spots went, but who cares? As a toy this 2008 version of Bumblebee might just be the best figure of the entire Movie line. Highly detailed, very posable, and just plain gorgeous. I've often said that the Deluxe class usually features the best figures of any line and Bumblebee proves me right once again. The only reason I'm not giving this figure an A+ is because of those annoying little plates on the shoulders which keep popping off. Otherwise, perfect. If you're getting just one figure from the entire Movie line, it's gotta be Bumblebee 2008.

Rating: A
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