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with Frenzy

Series: Movie
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

Barricade is a born liar. The greatest thrill in his life is knowing people trust him because of the human decorations on his door panels. The look of betrayal they get when they realize what they're dealing with is as sweet as candy. The only thing he likes better is chasing down Autobots and breaking them into pieces with his powerful arms and crushing, hydraulic hands.

Robot Mode: Barricade's appearance takes a moment to get used to, but once you do he looks pretty cool and pretty scary, too. His huge arms with the high shoulders seem made for smashing opponents into scrap metal and despite being relatively bulky he manages to look sleek at the same time. His head isn't one hundred percent to my liking, but that's just me. His posability is nothing to scoff at and his detailing is pretty decent as well. As a gimmick Barricade stores a folded robot drone under his hood / inside his chest. That's Frenzy, who transforms into a CD player in the movie (though it's more of an engine block here). It's a fun thing and doesn't take anything away from the robot. The only thing that bugs me a bit is his spring-loaded left hand. It snaps out pretty easily and I can see it wearing out pretty fast. As gimmicks go, it isn't exactly the best. So all in all, a pretty good robot mode with but one tiny little complaint.

Vehicle Mode: One of the few Decepticons that doesn't turn into a military vehicle, Barricade becomes a police car instead. The car looks pretty realistic and offers few areas for critique. It would have been interesting if you could have put Frenzy in the driver's seat somehow, but that's just a stray thought of mine. As a fun detail, you can find a sentence written on his right side. Instead of the usual "To Serve and to Protect" you find on American police cars, it reads "To Punish and Enslave". All in all a vehicle mode that looks like it's supposed to. No complaints.

Remarks: From his looks and the way he's set up character-wise Barricade kind of reminds me of the Decepticon cars Runabout and Runamuck as they were portrayed in the old Marvel comics and more recently in IDW's Infiltration series. He's an all-around good figure with no real complaints against him. Not sure about the thing with Frenzy in his chest, but it doesn't hurt him in any way, so no points deduction for that. If you're looking for a good Movie Decepticon, Barricade is your man. Just don't snap out that left hand too often.

Rating: B+
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