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Series: Hunt for the Decepticons
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2010

Optimus Prime isn't famous for being a particularly skilled fighter - he relies mostly on raw power to secure victory. Unfortunately for Decepticon Banzaitron, all that raw power actually masks decades of training. Optimus Prime is one of the most accomplished fighters ever produced by Cybertron. He may not be as flashy as the Decepticon martial arts master, but he's got more than enough skill to crush Decepticon Banzaitron.

Review by Limewire:

Prelude: I hesitated quite a bit when faced with buying this little guy here. But a couple of things finally swayed me in his favour and made him an easy buy:

1. An in-scale foe for BonecrusherIncinerator, and Wreckage
2. This guy just looks amazing.
3. He has a Matrix.

Alternate Mode: Just like all the Movie Primes before him he becomes a Peterbuild truck that underwent some heavy tuning. Solidly built, great detailing, and no hint to the fact that there’s a robot hidden here. Nicely done! Very noticeable is the trend of current Voyager figures to shrink down to Deluxe size, while Deluxe figures are barely larger than Scouts. Another example here: Deluxe Ratchet.

Noticeable differences to the first Movie Voyager Incarnation, who was reissued multiple times both in the Movie and ROTF line, are:

1. Lots more detailing.
2. Better paint job.
3. More realistic look.
4. Smaller, but thus fitting in scale with many Movie 1 Decepticons.

Robot Mode: Optimus Prime naturally transforms into the glorious leader of the Autobots. This time he sports truly amazing articulation. If I manage to get another of these guys cheap, a Movie Nemesis Prime is already assured, if for no other reason than a Black Matrix.

And speaking of it: Optimus Prime carries the Matrix of Leadership inside his chest – and you can even remove it. Sadly no one can really hold it properly (looks like he’s holding a banana, actually) and it’s really a tad too big, almost fitting a Human Alliance figure. Additionally Prime has two swords on his forearms, made from a rubbery material and removable.

Optimus’ blasters are also included once again. Just like with the first Movie Voyager Prime they are formed from his fuel tanks, but this time you don’t have to remove the smoke stacks as well. Sadly the two guns look more like Super Soakers than anything else, but better than nothing. The strong resemblance to the Leader-class figure is nicely done as well.

Transformation: Transforming this figure is pure hell, more difficult than the Leader figure. 

Conclusion: You have Movie Voyager Prime? Good for you. Get rid of it, repaint it, do whatever you like, just remove him from your shelves, because Battle Blades Optimus Prime belongs there.
Rating: A
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