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Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Voyager Convention Exclusive
Year: 2008

Broken by a nightmare eternity of torture at the hands of Straxus, Nemesis Prime does not remember what he was before he was this. He is the culmination of a grand plan never realized by Straxus before his destruction; a lowly warrior reconstructed to be the very image of Optimus Prime. Imprinted with memory engrams and combat algorithms recovered from hundreds of sources, he possesses much of the knowledge of the Autobot leader, but without any framework by which to organize it. Despite his incredible power, he is deeply unstable, a threat to Decepticon and Autobot alike. He cowers in the shadows of Cybertron, living only to stalk and destroy his fellow Transformers.

Review by Caked-Up:

Overview: As is nearly always the case, Optimus Prime gets a black repaint. Since almost everyone is familiar with this mold I won't have to go into too much detail.

Robot Mode: Nemesis Prime is mostly black, purple, and gray. This makes for a dark and evil looking robot. He is lacking some of the finer paint apps from the Classics/Henkei Prime, but this adds to image of being an almost soulless shambler. Posability, stability, and construction are top notch. His kibble is a little unsightly on the arms, but it could have been worse. The two guns still combine for a shoulder mounted weapon, but it looked silly to me, plus it is more fitting for an unstable powerhouse to have a huge gun.

The pros squash any and all cons. Great robot mode period.

Vehicle Mode: Effective and clean, Nemesis Prime is a COE (cab over engine) semi truck cab. Solidly built with good coloring. What more can be asked for.

Conclusion: Every time you have an Optimus Prime there has to be a black repaint. Usually I only get one version of any given mold... period. However, I liked this mold so much I ended up getting the Henkei version afterwards. He isn’t perfect, but this is still the best Prime mold this size in years.

Grade: A
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Review Author: Caked-Up
Picture Copyright: Caked-Up

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