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Series: Generations Thrilling 30
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Legends
Year: 2014

You may never meet a pair that is more eager to please than Cosmos and Payload. They're both proud of their ability to fly into space, and eager to use it to the benefit of the Autobot cause. It's a lonely life in orbit, but they both make up for it by performing some of the most awesome daredevil space stunts anyone has ever heard of. It's just too bad there's no one else up there to see them.

Robot Mode: While retaining the overall look of his 1985 G1 predecessor, Generations Cosmos improves upon the old figure in a number of ways. It’s twice as tall, manages to look slender, and it actually does have articulation. Being ball-jointed throughout, Cosmos can now pose with the best of them, and while he does feature roughly the same transformation design as his tiny forebear, he still manages to have two separate legs, not to mention an actual hip.

Comparison to the G1 original aside, Cosmos looks gorgeous. The color combination is good and there is lots of detailing to be found on the figure, from the sculpted guns on the forearms to the actual guns on his knees and the rocket boosters on his back and inside his feet. Very nicely done. So with great look and details, plus superb articulation, what you have here is an excellent robot mode. No complaints at all.

Alternate Mode: Cosmos transforms into a green flying saucer or UFO. Let us disregard the question of the validity of this mode as a disguise (more on that in the Remarks below) and simply look at the resulting space ship. It retains the B-movie like look of the G1 original, but makes it a lot more streamlined and detailed than before, pretty much looking like it might actually fly. Everything fits together well and you have guns pointing forward and backwards, plus the rocket boosters on the back. Very nice. So little more I can say here than: excellent alternate mode.

Partner: Cosmos comes with Minicon / Targetmaster partner Payload, a small white robot that transforms into a space shuttle and a gun for Cosmos. In robot mode he looks surprisingly detailed for such a small guy, though his articulation is restricted to swiveling his shoulders. The space shuttle mode is okay, nothing more. Payload works fine as a double-barreled blaster cannon for Cosmos, a little oversized maybe, but overall he does just fine. Not my favorite Minicon weapon from the Generations Legends line so far, but definitely near the top.

Side Note: Payload can interact with Cosmos in vehicle mode, as the two forward cannons of Cosmos’ UFO mode can plug into the exhaust ports of Payload’s shuttle mode. The result? A shuttle with a flying saucer glued to its behind. No, I didn’t take any pictures of that. Not worth the effort, believe me.

Remarks: Cosmos first appeared in season 2 of the original Transformers cartoon and gave the Autobots a little extra flying power and space capability. How he came up with his alternate mode as a flying saucer was never really explained, though it was a plot point in the hilarious “Mars Attacks Transformers” comic from IDW and, had a fourth season of Animated been produced, we would have seen that series’ version of Cosmos accidentally scan a B-movie prop for an alternate mode. Whatever the case, Cosmos was never really developed as a character apart from being the space-faring guy, but he’s popped up again and again since 1985.

And for a conclusion I can simply say this: best Cosmos ever, best of the Generations Legends-class figures so far, and just an all-around fun toy. Recommended to just about everyone.

Rating: A
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