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Series: Reveal the Shield
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2011

As leader of the Autobots, and their foremost warrior, Optimus Prime has gone through many changes over the years. He alters his weapons and body based on the needs of a mission, or as a result of damage sustained in combat. He learns from every situation, always coming back to duty tougher and more powerful than before.

Robot Mode: This version of the Autobot leader is, of course, a homage to G2 Laser Optimus Prime, in my mind one of the finest Optimus Prime figures of all time. So there are, of course, a lot of similarities in the basic design of the figure. Some changes were made as well, though, the main one being that, unlike G2 Laser Prime, this Prime really does have the windshield of his truck made as a chest. It makes for a somewhat more complex transformation than the original figure had, but it’s still far from difficult.

Let’s get the good stuff out of the way first. Optimus Prime is as posable and highly detailed as you’d expect from a current Transformers figure, no complaints on that front. Seeing as G2 Laser Prime was the first Optimus to carry a sword, this new version here, too, is armed with a cool-looking blade. The blade is a double homage, actually, as it takes its look from the blades carried by ROTF Optimus Prime. I especially like that they included a wrist swivel that allows the figure to hold the sword straight up in the classic “I have the power” pose.

In terms of ranged weapons Prime has those big shoulder pods that you can imagine as whatever weapon you like, most likely a missile launcher system of some kind. And he has clip-on ports on his arms in order to use the weapons of other current Transformers figures when needed. So far, so good.

Now to the bad stuff. Biggest thing: Prime is too small. He’s barely more than half the size of the original G2 Laser Prime, on the small side even for a Deluxe-class figure. Interestingly enough the wheels on his legs are barely any smaller than those of the original, making him look a bit misshapen. He also has these panels on his arms that can’t be folded away properly and hinder his posability somewhat. Not by much, mind you, but they get in the way now and then. Also, Optimus looks... skinny, somehow. With the big shoulder pods and the big wheels, it feels like there should be more mass to his body. It’s a subjective thing, of course, but to me Optimus looks a bit like a fellow wearing armor that’s too big for him.

All in all far from a bad robot mode, but considering the character he’s supposed to be, somewhat disappointing.

Vehicle Mode: Big surprise, Optimus Prime transforms into a truck. Never saw it coming, did you? It’s basically the same sort of truck that G2 Laser Prime transformed into. The color scheme is also almost identical, though RTS Prime uses dark blue instead of G2 Prime’s black. RTS Prime also adds flames, something that the original didn’t have, so once more a mini-homage to Movieverse Prime.

Prime’s sword is stored on the rear end, becoming the coupling for a trailer. Haven’t tried whether any of the existing trailers fit him, but it does look functional enough. No obvious robot bits are visible in this vehicle mode, which is a definite plus. There is the size issue again, as a truck of this kind should be larger when compared to other Deluxe-class vehicles, but apart from that, a solid, flawless vehicle mode.

Remarks: Generation 2 Transformers seldom get a lot of loving. Most Transfans ignore that there was anything between the original G1 line and Beast Wars. Economically Generation 2 was a failure, as it didn’t reignite the dying Transformers brand as it was meant to. But a certain number of fans have fond recollections and after the 2010 Botcon Set, which celebrated the G2 era (though without including even a single actual G2-originated Transformer), we now get another G2 homage in the Reveal the Shield line. G2 Laser Prime is one of my all-time favorite Transformers (I have two of him plus Car Robots Black Convoy), so I was excited to see this guy in the preorder lists.

The result is a mixed blessing, though. The figure on its own isn’t bad, far from it. But both as an Optimus Prime figure and as homage to one of the greatest Optimus Prime figures of all time, it’s barely more than adequate. Elevated to Voyager-class and with some work to make him look a little less skinny, he’d have been great. As things stand, I can only call him average.

Rating: C+

Update 2011-03-26: Since several people have mentioned this to me: yes, it is possible to somewhat lessen the impact of the big wheels on Optimus' legs by twisting them around and sinking them into the legs. See last picture in gallery. Optimus is still too small, though:
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