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Series: Generations GDO
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2012

Please be aware that this is not a review, as I have never had this figure in hand. The pictures were provided by my good buddy James aka Caked-Up and I have reviewed other versions of this toy, which are are linked below for reference.

Remarks: Swerve is a repaint (with a different head) of Generations Sergeant Kup, whom I have previously reviewed. Swerve actually came out before Kup (a so-called "pretool") as part of Hasbro Asia's Global Development Organization (or GDO) line of Generations toys. While Swerve, just like the rest of the line, were originally planned to be Asian exclusives, most of them were picked up by Toys R'Us and sold in the West as well. If you are wondering whether you have the Asian or Toys R'Us version: the Toys R'Us versions came packaged in alternate mode in bi-lingual packages, the Asian versions came packed in robot mode with English-only packaging.

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Picture Copyright: Caked-Up

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