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Series: Generations Selects
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2020

Prelude: When you have a group of transforming robots that become sea creatures, you naturally expect there to be a shark in the mix. Granted, it’s a very colorful shark with clawed arms and rabbit legs, but still evidently a shark. A robot shark. In bright colors. With hands. And with rabbit legs. Just roll with it. Here comes Overbite, fifth of six King Poseidon components. Let’s say go!

Robot Mode: Overbite is a retool of Power of the Primes Rippersnapper, so this review here will focus mostly on the differences. In robot mode the main differences are the head, which is a new mold, and the animal parts on his back. He also comes with a new paint job, of course, being mostly salmon red, turquoise, and purple, making him one of the most vividly colorful of the Seacons. It’s basically the same colors as his G1 predecessor, so it works out just fine.

The rest of him is the same excellent robot that Rippersnapper was, very nicely articulated, and with that generic late-80s robot look that I personally like very much. Overbite comes with two weapons, a sword (once again a piece of King Poseidon’s larger trident sword) and a rifle. That actually makes him one of the least-armed of the Seacons, most of whom carry at least three weapons. He does have claws on his arms, though, so those should count as well.

Side note: in some of the shots I forgot to properly push in the fish tail, which fits completely into the leg (see third picture for example of how it’s supposed to look).

So bottom line for the robot mode: very nice. A great-looking robot, nicely articulated, a wonderful paint job, and just a great overall look. No complaints at all and both thumbs up.

Alternate Mode: Overbite transforms into a shark with arms and legs and it’s every bit as wonderfully weird as it sounds. It’s basically the same beast mode as Rippersnapper (right down to the same tail), only with a different beast head, different feet, and a fin on his back. Not sure why they didn’t leave him with Rippersnapper’s feet, to be honest, those at least didn’t look like they belong to a bunny rabbit.

Overbite can open and close his mouth in this mode, and all four limbs of the shark (that sounds so wrong) remain fully poseable. Overall this is a very nice robotic sea monster with just a touch of weird. Nicely done. All of Overbite’s weapons and the combiner fist can be stored on his back in beast mode.

When serving as King Poseidon’s weapon (see below), Overbite basically transforms into leg mode, only instead of a foot he has his rifle plugged in. The big combiner peg plugs into the back of the combiner hand and you’ve got a big gun. Doesn’t really look better or worse than the other Seacon weapon modes.

Combiner Mode: Like all Deluxe-class Seacons, Overbite can become an arm, a leg, or a weapon for the King Poseidon combiner (or any other Combiner Wars style combiner as well, of course). I’ll do a separate review on King Poseidon once I’m through with the team members.

Remarks: Like all the other Seacons except Turtler, Overbite was a lifeless drone in the Masterforce cartoon and served as a redshirt to be destroyed over and over again. Unlike the other Seacons, though, Overbite did not appear in the follow-up series Zone, which featured a permanently-combined King Poseidon, but with only five of the team and none of them serving as a weapon. Overbite was the odd bot out. His Western counterpart didn’t really do a whole lot more than that, basically just being there for group action as Piranacon.

Despite (or maybe because of) his innate weirdness, Overbite ties with Lobclaw for my favorite Seacon. I like his colors, I like his look in robot mode, and I adore the weird shark with claws and bunny feet. Sure, you are mostly getting him as part of King Poseidon, but still: a very nice stand-alone robot as well.

Rating: A-
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