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Series: Generations Fall of Cybertron
Year: 2012
Allegiance: Autobot
Class: Deluxe


Please be aware that this is not a review, as I have never had this figure in hand. The pictures were provided by my good buddy James aka Caked-Up and I have reviewed other versions of this toy, which are are linked below for reference.

Remarks: Fall of Cybertron Sideswipe is an extensive retool (new vehicle shell, new head, new weapons) of Fall of Cybertron Jazz, whom I have previously reviewed. Sideswipe was a playable character in War for Cybertron and had appearances in Fall of Cybertron as well. Sadly, from everything I could gather from various buddies, the toy is not much better than Jazz, though quite a few people apparently enjoy his big gun. 


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Picture Copyright: Caked-Up

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