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Series: Classics
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Voyager
Year: 2007

Victory lies in the conquest of unknown mysteries
Jetfire was once famous across the face of Cybertron. As a great scientist and explorer, he was the first to journey to the black depths of space and the only one to ever face and defeat the Star pirates of the Blot Nebula. It was because of his status as a hero that his sudden disappearance was greeted with worldwide dismay. He was discovered millions of years later, frozen deep within the Arctic glacier on Earth, and rose immediately to the challenge presented by the Decepticons. He is among the mightiest and bravest of the Autobots, diving into battle without a moment's hesitation, the stuttering roar of his particle beam repeaters drowning out all other sounds.

My Review:

Robot Mode: In 'normal' robot mode Jetfire looks a lot like his G1 cartoon incarnation, meaning a human-looking face. He is pretty posable and just about the only complaint I have about him is that the wings on his back don't fold all the way down, but that's really just a minor thing. Jetfire can turn himself into a 'super' robot by adding a jetpack to his back, missile launchers to his forearms, and a helmet to his head. The jetpack also contains two big guns, which can snap out and fold down over his shoulders. In this mode it looks better if his wings fold upwards. All in all a great robot mode paying homage to several different versions of Jetfire and just plain fun all by itself.

Alternate Mode: While Jetfire's jet mode bears a lot of resemblance to that of G1 Jetfire, it also carries elements from the cartoon version in the more angular shape of the cockpit. Like the old version you can have either the 'plain' version of the jet, no weapons and no extra boosters, or you can apply all those extras to turn it into a heavily-armed flying machine. Personally I like the plain version a bit better, the fully armed version looks a bit overloaded, but that's just a matter of taste, really. Bottom line, a very good jet mode.

Remarks: Classics Jetfire accomplishes the miracle of combining multiple versions of the character into one successful package. Drawing his strongest inspiration from the original G1 Jetfire, he also incorporates elements from the Dreamwave comic version (the removable helmet), the original cartoon version (the unhelmeted face and shape of the jet) and the version appearing in IDW's Stormbringer series (the guns in his jetpack). There is little more I can say about this toy other than: Get it! Get it! Get it! As close to a perfect Transformer as you can get IMO.

Rating: A

And for a second opinion, a review by Sam:

Robot Mode: Jetfire pays homage to just about every Jetfire ever released, chief among them the G1 version, of course. He still manages to be his own toy with his own look, though, and he brings tons of cool gimmicks and nostalgic value to boot.

The figure's posability is good. The head can turn freely and he can even look upwards, which brings more life to the figure. The shoulders can move forward and upward without any problems. Backwards movement is restricted a bit thanks to the wings of the jet mode. No problems at the hip or the knees, either.

But let's look at the aspect of Jetfire where he scores the most points with me: The gimmicks. Jetfire can change into a super mode. He puts on a giant rucksack, which includes big guns that can align across his shoulders. He also gets a helmet and a double-barreled rifle. Once he's put it all one you end up with a heavily armed giant, who can sprinkle entire Cybertronian landscapes with artillery fire. Jetfire looks very much invincible. Every Decepticon should run for the hills when he arrives. Despite being loaded with equipment, Jetfire remains agile. He does become a bit back-heavy, but his posable legs can easily compensate.

I really like this mode. Reminds me a bit on manga robots, which isn't a bad thing as long as it isn't overdone. The only slight downside for me are the joints, which are ratchet joints. Does give him better stability, of course, seeing as he's a pretty heavy robot. Whatever the case, though, a very good Jetfire.

Robo-Rating: A-

Alternate Mode: Jetfire transforms into a strange-looking aircraft und manages to look both lean and colossal at the same time. The transparent windows of the cockpit allow one to see the interior, which is formed by the helmet of the super mode. The jet's surface is covered in sculpted details like welded seams and color highlights.

This mode, too, can be converted into a super mode. The big rucksack now sits on top of the jet (goodbye aerodynamics). Once the jet is fully equipped you have a flying dreadnought that looks as if it can pulverize entire planets all by itself. The Autobots should really be glad that Jetfire is on their side. Were he a Decepticon, they'd have a huge problem.

The surface of the left wing features a rub sign, which displays an Autobot symbol upon application of heat. The jet also features a working landing gear with actual wheels, so Jetfire can really roll across the floor instead of just slide.

The only downside is that the arms of the robot mode haven't been integrated better into the jet mode. They just sit on the sides and look a bit out of place.

Vehicle Rating: A-

Transformation: I especially like how the chest of the robot becomes the front of the jet mode. The feet are made from the engines and both parts are connected by a mechanism, so moving one moves the other as well.

One slight downside: The rear fins. They can't really be fixed in place and tend to move. But that's my sole complaint here.

Trans-Rating: A-

Remarks: I bought Jetfire along with Grimlock at the C.O.N.S. 2009. I've been after Jetfire for a while now and finally got him for a decent price. I'm very happy with this figure, especially because of its many variations and cool gimmicks. The nostalgia factor should also not be underestimated. So, despite some minor flaws here and there, I can only agree with Phil in that this is one of the best Transformers ever built. Which means, of course, a full and unreserved recommendation.

Total Rating: A-
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