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Series: Beast Wars Japan Telemocha
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2007

Remarks: Wolfang from the 2007 Telemocha line is a repaint of Beast Wars Wolfang. Seeing as I’ve already reviewed this mold twice before (K-9 having been my first go), I’ll just write a few words on the differences here. Wolfang ditches his grey, black, and blue paintjob for one of brown (the wolf fur), red, and silver (the robot). Personally I think these colors look much better on him. Funny side note: if you slide down Wolfang’s visor / mutant head now, he kind of looks like a rodent with a really big silver center tooth (shades of Rattrap, maybe?). Colors aside, Wolfang is unchanged. Same weapons, same articulation, same heftiness. Still a good figure, though not the best in the Beast Wars line.

Wolfang didn’t just receive a snazzy new paintjob for his Telemocha release, he also switched sides and became a Destron / Predacon. Why? Not sure, maybe so that the bad guys wouldn’t be quite as badly outnumbered in the Telemocha line as they already were. Anyway, factions aside, Wolfang looks really good in his new colors. Of the three versions of the mold I own, this is my favorite variant yet (might change if I ever get my hands on Max-B, we’ll see). So bottom line, definitely a good choice for the Beast Wars fan.

Rating: B
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