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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Deluxe Fuzor
Year: 1998

A grand and wise warrior, Torca commands immense respect from his fellow Maximals. Well versed in most combat techniques, Torca's agility is excellent both on land and in water, surprising considering his gigantic size and power. His massive tusks can be used to trap enemy Predacons, making close quarter combat against him practically futile. In both beast and robot mode, Torca can access a dorsal gun which fires spark-diminishing spray, temporarily paralyzing enemy circuits. Impenetrable armor hide and unmatchable power sufficiently discourage Predacon poachers.

Robot Mode: Torca strikes an impressive figure in robot mode, somewhat reminiscent (or preminiscent, rather, seeing as he came out first) of Beast Wars Neo Big Convoy / Universe Nemesis Prime. The tusks on his shoulders and his sturdy build convey an image of strength. His posability is good, though a little below average for a Beast Wars figure. The only thing about him that bugs me a little is that, when holding his gun, he can't bend his arm at the elbow because the weapon is too long. Apart from that, though, a good robot mode.

Alternate Mode: Torca is a Fuzor, a fused beast, made up of a whale (upper head and back) and an elephant (the rest). Now don't ask me where on ancient Earth you'd find an elephant and a whale in close enough proximity to get both of them scanned by a damaged DNA scanner, but whatever. The fused beast looks kind of cool and the posability is quite good for a beast mode. Torca's weapon becomes the centre part of his back and can still fire in this mode. All in all a strange looking, but somewhat cool beast mode.

Quality: As a figure made largely with gold plastic, Torca is a prime candidate for Gold Plastic Syndrom (GPS). On my Torca, quite a few parts have gone brittle and broken off, forcing me to apply plenty of superglue to keep him together. Apparently not all Torcas suffer from this, but quite a few, so be aware that it is a possible issue.

Remarks: Another character that never appeared in the TV series, Torca recently scored some cameo appearances in IDW's Beast Wars comic series, but little more than that. I've been on a Beast Wars trip lately, so I got him mainly for completeness' sake, but I kinda like him. He isn't one of Beast Wars' best, but he is on the good side of average.

Rating: C+
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