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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Mega Transmetal
Function: Maximal General
Year: 1998

Changed into a mighty, metal gorilla by the planetary destruction device, Optimus Primal has a built-in, rocket-powered hoverboard that lets him hang ten on the air-waves of the Beast Wars world! Stronger and faster than ever, he converts to become the huge, organically enhanced Maximal General loaded with weaponry. Predacons who value their health best avoid any monkey business with metal Optimus Primal!

Robot Mode: Primal retains some beast elements even in his robot mode, such as the ape-like chest and face. The resemblance to G1 Optimus Prime has lessened when compared to the original Optimus Primal, which I think is a good thing, allowing the toy to stand on its own. He carries two clubs as weapons, as well as a gun (which I'm missing), which can use the clubs as missiles. Overall a very good robot mode, very posable, and show accurate.

Alternate Modes: Despite being advertised as a triple changer Primal really has just one alternate mode, that of a mechanoid gorilla. This mode can be adapted by flipping out a hoverboard from his legs, which allows him to fly (in the show, at least). I like this mode, too. The legs aren't that good, but the rest looks like what it's supposed to be (if there were any cobalt-blue gorillas, that is) and the hoverboard mode, while looking a bit silly, is kind of funny and show-accurate as well.

Missing Parts: I'm missing Optimus Primal's gun, which could be loaded with the clubs as missiles. (I've since acquired the gun, see below)

Remarks: I like this second incarnation of Optimus Primal every bit as much as the first. It moved away from making him a spitting image of G1 Optimus Prime and abandoned the concept of transforming into purely organic-looking animals in favor of techno-organic beasts, which I find a lot cooler. It helps, of course, that the second season of Beast Wars (which featured this version of Primal) was the best of the show, so buying his toy wasn't much of a longshot.

Rating: A-

Update 2011-11-27: I've since acquired the missing gun, so Optimus is complete now.
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