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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Deluxe Fuzor
Year: 1998

He's got a face only a Predacon could love, but according to Injector, the vainest of the Predacons, he is the best thing to happen since Energon. Fused into two beasts - half lionfish, half hornet - he is as dangerous as it gets. He is armed with a massive stinger and thrusting splines that inject his victims with a paralyzing poison; in robot mode he wields a devastating stinger missile. Charismatic, clever, and evil to the core, Injector represents one of the Maximal's greatest threats.

Robot Mode: Quite possibly the weirdest-looking robot mode in all of Beast Wars, Injector is mostly head. His body is thin and spindly, yet sturdy enough to keep his huge head aloft and has no problems with all kinds of poses. That said, I really don't like him all that much. He looks disproportioned and not in a good way. Injector carries his hornet sting as a weapon and can also deploy the splines from his head. Still, a below-average robot in my mind.

Alternate Mode: Just like with some other Fuzors you have to wonder where Injector's stasis pod crashed to produce this odd mix of beasts. His fused beast mode is half hornet, half lionfish. The result looks interesting, but little more than that. I find the beast mode a little bit better than the robot mode, but that's it.

Remarks: Injector might just be the worst of the Fuzors (keeping in mind that I haven't got all of them yet) and apart from a slightly cool-looking beast mode has little to offer to the Beast Wars fan. He appeared in all of one panel of the first two Beast Wars comic books so far. I got him together in a package with some other Beast Wars toys, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bothered.

Rating: D-
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