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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Mega Transmetal 2
Function: Tracker, Ocean Attack
Year: 1999

Detecting Predacon activity from over 20,000 fathoms below the ocean surface, Cybershark hunts his enemies at over 600 knots. From there, little room is left for escape. Armor-piercing, jaw-mounted sonar tracer torpedoes have water-to-air capabilities. Spin-drive tail boosts speed and acts as quad-blade razor weapon in attack and robot modes. Also deploys thruster jets for higher speed and limited low-level flight. A fierce warrior, Cybershark honed his skills while bounty hunting a rogue band of Cybertronian space pirates. Fully dedicated to the Maximal cause, he often follows his own methods to the frustration of his commander, Depth Charge. Calculating and fearless, he gives Predacons a good reason to stay out of the water.

Robot Mode: Looking at the robot, one would have difficulties figuring out what he transformed into. Most of the shark elements fold away, leaving a thin and posable robot behind. Cybershark's face is a bit of an acquired taste, but I've kind of started to like it. All in all, a good robot mode, if a bit unstable at times as his legs are very thin compared to his upper body mass.

Beast Mode: Unlike most Transmetals Cybershark doesn't really have an alternate vehicle mode on top of his beast mode. He transforms into a shark and that he does well. The transformation process is a bit awkward (parts tend to pop off), but the resulting beast looks very cool and realistic. In this form Cybershark can also launch missiles from his mouth.

Remarks: Cybershark is one of those Beast War toys that appeared exclusively on the toy shelves, never getting a spot in the TV series. Which means that I would almost certainly have passed him over if not for the fact that he, or rather a recolored version of him, played a vital role in the Robots in Disguise cartoon. Cybershark became the Predacon Sky Byte.

Even though I didn't particularly like many elements of RID, I always liked Sky Byte and it was great to see that he was the only bad guy (even though he wasn't so bad in the end) who got away in the end. So when I saw this toy, different colour though it is, I had to grab it (though I've since gotten the actual Sky Byte, which is a much better toy).

Rating: C+

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