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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Categories: Basic Fuzor
Function: Aerial Reconnaisance
Year: 1998

If Air Hammer possesses one attribute, it is mind-boggling speed - add that to his scanned characteristics and it equals the perfect reconnaissance warrior. His aerodynamic structure helps Air Hammer to be equally dexterous in water as in air. He sees with the eyesight of a hawk and has the ability to sniff out a Predacon from miles away. Well liked by his fellow Maximals, Air Hammer is a robot of few words, preferring to save his razor-sharp jaw for locking onto the limbs of enemy Predacons.

Robot Mode: Air Hammer is a basic-sized robot with broad (immobile) wings on his back. One of his hands is the shark's jaw from his beast mode, the other the shark's tail fin. So he has no real hands, which as you might know is one of my pet peeves with Transformers. They should have at least one proper hand. Air Hammer doesn't, so the poor guy can't even pick up stuff. Anyway, as per the Beast Wars standard he has ball joints, making him very posable, but the large wings on his back somewhat limit his posability because of their weight. Still, you can throw him into lots of cool poses. His mostly white colouring makes his detailing a bit hard to see, but the designers did a decent job here, too, especially with the wings, which feature sculpted feathers. So all in all a decent robot mode, no complaints except for the hand thing.

Alternate Mode: Air Hammer is a Fuzor, meaning his beast mode is a strange hybrid of two very different animals. In his case it's an hawk, who provides the wings and feet, and a hammerhead shark, who provides the head and tail fin. Some Fuzors looks pretty cool, some look downright ridiculous, Air Hammer falls somewhere between these two categories. The shark-eagle doesn't look that bad, but it doesn't really appeal to me, either. Also, there isn't much you can do here in this mode. The feet move and you can click open the jaw, that's it. So not bad, but not particularly interesting, either.

Remarks: I bought Air Hammer at my first user meeting of the NTF-Archive, so he does get a few bonus points for that. He needs, them, too. Air Hammer isn't a bad figure as such, but he really is just another "gimmick-guy", rounding out the Beast Wars sortiment of Fuzors. Air Hammer made a brief cameo in the "Beast Wars: The Gathering" comic book, but that's pretty much it as appearances go for this guy. So recommended to Beast Wars fans only, and only if you get him cheap.

Rating: C
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