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Series: Beast Wars II
Allegiance: Destron
Categories: Basic
Year: 1998

A sonic soldier who glides freely through the skies. In character, he is very much the sharp straight man of a comedy duo, spouting forth veritable storms of malicious insults. He can store his weapon in his legs or change it to a long-barreled form and increase its power. Surprisingly, Dirge is a gourmet, the type who fusses over the quality and cookings methods for energy.

Despite having the personality of a comedy duo's goofy gag man, Thrust is actually the shrewdest of the Destrons. He and his buddy Dirge form a well-known combo. Like Dirge, he can store his weapon (Thrust Gun) in his legs or increase its power by converting it to long-barreled form. Thrust hates sea breezes, as they rust him, and so hates Scuba as well.

Robot Mode: Dirge and Thrust are very similar in robot mode, differing only in colour and some details. Both are of the most basic jet-Transformer design, having the jet cockpit for a chest and the wings jutting out from the back. Posability is excellent for both thanks to balljoints and their detailing is quite good for basic-sized figures. Their rifles can be split into two parts and stored in their legs in both modes. All in all Dirge and Thrust are very decent figures with no flaws, but no particular highlights, either.

Vehicle Mode: Both Destrons transform into fighter jets and do a decent job of it. The jets have landing gears and nice detailing, the only thing that bugs me a little is the choice of colour for the cockpits. Purple? Okay, they are Destrons/Decepticons, but still... purple cockpits? Anyway, the jets look nice, but the aerodynamics are somewhat hampered by the legs and arms stored on the belly. So bottom line, decent vehicle modes, but again, nothing spectacular.

Remarks: From the Japanese-exclusive Beast Wars II cartoon come Dirge and Thrust, two pretty basic Decepticon air warriors that began life in the short-lived American Machine Wars series under different names before being recoloured for their Japanese debut. I haven't seen the BW2 cartoon, so I can't really comment on their role there. As figures the two are decent toys, but little more than that. If you can get them at a decent price they make for decent reinforcements for your Decepticon/Destron Air Force.

Rating (Dirge): C+
Rating (Thrust): C+
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