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Series: Animated
Allegiance: Autobot
Categories: Deluxe
Year: 2008

As a team, we can accomplish anything.
Despite having washed out of the Autobot academy, Optimus Prime is a natural leader. Trained to lead the bravest of the brave into battle against overwhelming odds, he eagerly looked forward to his first assignment. It's just too bad the Decepticons were defeated ages ago, and the only crews left to lead are the maintenance squads that keep the Space Bridge network running. Since his assignment, he's lost track of his ambition. The last thing he expects is the chance to test his leadership abilities in a battle to defend his home and fight for freedom.

Robot Mode: What can I say about this robot mode except... I love it. I love and adore it. Not only is it a near-perfect replica of the Optimus Prime we saw in the pilot episode of the Animated series (and from what I can tell so far his axe actually looks closer to its cartoon counterpart than that of the upcoming Earth-version of Prime), he's also one of the most posable Transformers I ever had the pleasure of holding in my hands. The guy can bend just about every which way and he can do it easily. Especially worth mentioning: His elbows are double-jointed, allowing him to fold his forearms fully back, making that cool 'axe-resting-on-the-shoulder' pose possible.

Gimmick-wise Optimus doesn't offer a whole lot, but he really doesn't need to. His sole weapon is his battle axe, which can he can either use one-bladed or fold out into a double-bladed axe. The cartoon only featured the one-bladed version, so I'm leaving it like that. He can also flip out a small knob at the other side of the blade, which is supposed to be that afterburner he has on his axe in the cartoon, putting extra swing into his attacks. Wonderfully done. Prime also has a shield, really the roof of his truck mode, which goes onto his left arm. The shield can extend into two separate surfaces and be mounted on his axe as oversized axe-blades. Not the greatest gimmick in the world, makes it look as if Optimus is heading for a demonstration, but okay.

Prime's face is also nicely sculpted, offering a nice smile, but you can easily imagine that smile turning serious when he runs into battle. This deluxe version of the Autobot leader doesn't feature a mouth guard, but honestly? I haven't missed it yet. I had so much fun with this robot mode I almost forgot to transform him into vehicle mode for the pictures. So bottom line: Possibly the best Deluxe Prime ever.

Alternate Mode: Compared to his superb robot mode, Optimus' vehicle mode might seem a tad boring, but only a tad. This vehicle mode is the pre-Earth truck mode of the Autobot leader and it is close enough to an Earth truck to see the resemblance, but differs in a few details. The front windshield isn't divided, the smoke stacks go half backwards instead of up, and the rear tires are tank threads instead.

Optimus comes packaged in vehicle mode with the axe beside him. So at first I really couldn't imagine how the axe could be hidden inside the vehicle mode. It is possible, though, and actually adds to the vehicle mode. Fold the axe in half, put the handle in both his fists and let it stick out backwards between his legs. Not only is the axe fully hidden this way, the knob which functions as an afterburner now serves as a docking point for a trailer. Okay, Optimus doesn't have a trailer, but he could. So like I said, not as exciting as the robot mode, but a good, solid vehicle mode.

Remarks: For all that we saw him in this mode for a full five minutes or so (plus the occassional flashback) a lot of love went into this figure. The Deluxe class figures usually number among the best in any Transformers series and Optimus is one of the best Deluxe figures ever. Certainly the best Deluxe Optimus Prime ever. So while I can't really say a lot about the (no doubt numerous) other Optimus Prime figures we'll see in the Animated toy line, this one here gets a clear thumbs up from me and is fully recommended to every Transformers fan.

Rating: A


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