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Series: Animated
Allegiance: Decepticon
Categories: Activator
Year: 2008

Lockdown is a Decepticon bounty hunter, feared across the galaxy for his ruthless nature. He always gets his robot, bringing it in functioning or not. In exchange, he collects loot from every robot he captures. He uses their technology to upgrade his own weapons and powers, and leaves those he hunts weaponless.

Robot Mode: The Activator version of Lockdown captures the general look of the bounty hunter Decepticon well, but definitely not his body shape. Lockdown in the Animated cartoon series is a big, lean character. Maybe not as big and lean as the Deluxe toy, but far from the downright chubby shape this robot here sports. Shape aside the robot is doing okay in terms of looks, posability, and detailing, at least considering his size. His shoulders are somewhat hampered by the fact that they fold all the way around for the transformation, making them somewhat loose. All in all a more or less decent robot as such, but not really fitting for the Lockdown character in my mind.

Alternate Mode: In car mode Activators Lockdown greatly resembles his Deluxe incarnation's car mode and isn't even that much smaller, really. The main differences are in some paint applications, some detailing, and the windshields. Deluxe Lockdown as transparent purple windshields, Activators Lockdown has solid red ones (same for the headlights). Another big difference, though: Deluxe Lockdown's car roof is a single piece. Activator Lockdown is built to transform automatically upon pushing of the switch (his engine block) and the car roor is actually his arms. Because of the spring-powered transformation gimmick the two halves of the roof don't hold together all that well and you tend to see a gap. The one big flaw in an otherwise decent car mode.

Remarks: I'm not generally a fan of the more "kid-friendly" Transformers, but they certainly do have their place. And there are some Activators in the Animated line that are worth getting even for the adult collector, especially those that depict characters not otherwise present in the series (such as Cliffjumper or Dirge). Sadly Lockdown is not among them. Basically he's just a small, chubby version of a much better figure and I really can't see any appeal in him except if you simply couldn't get your hands on the Deluxe toy and want a Lockdown no matter what. Seen purely as a kid-oriented figure he isn't bad, but as a serious Transformers character... not so much. I bought this toy in a funk on a day where I found absolutely nothing else to buy. Not recommended for anyone above the age of six or so.

Rating: D+

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