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Series: New Adventures of He-Man
Allegiance: Galactic Guardians
Year: 1989

No matter what dangers may lurk in the universe and what evil schemes Skeletor and the mutants might cook up. With the Eternia, his new space ship, He-Man and his comrades are ready for everything. With 15 different configurations, the starship is ready for every ocassion. The spaceship cockpit can unplug to serve as He-Man's star fighter. You can disassemble the ship into its component parts and reassemble it into an intergalactic castle. Fits several figures. The included light and sound effects make every flight with the Eternia into an adventure.


Shout out to battlearmordad from Instagram, whose publishing of old toy catalogues reminded me that it's time to put this baby here online.

In almost every long-running franchise there is at least one entry that no one seems to like. For most Masters of the Universe fans, this unloved step child seems to be the New Adventures of He-Man from 1989. Personally I like that series a lot, even if I have to admit that it doesn't really work well as a sequel to the old Filmation cartoon. As a stand-alone series, though? Fabulous. And it included quite a few great vehicles and play sets, too.

The Starship Eternia, the biggest item in the entire New Adventures toyline, is both vehicle AND play set. In the cartoon itself it was always seen in starship mode, but the toy has no less than fifteen different configurations. Well, at least that's what it says on the box. It might well be true, though, because this set's main gimmick is that you can completely take it apart and reassemble the components in a variety of different configurations. To be honest, the only ones apart from the spaceship that are really interesting are the space station (picture 17) and the space platform (picture 21). The rest are really just variations of it.

The starship - which is really, really big, by the way - has a detachable cockpit that serves as a star fighter for any given New Adventures figure, though you have to be a bit careful here: the red seat tends to rub off on the figures, so don't leave them in too long. There is also a lights and sounds module on top, which... yeah, I'm not really a big fan of those, but they are included.

Bottom line: it's a cool spaceship and a good play set (at least in two of its variations). But apart from rearranging the parts and the elevator in the center column, there isn't really a lot of things you can do here. A few more play features, or maybe an actual place to seat figures in spaceship mode apart from the cockpit, would have been nice.

Rating: B-


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