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Series: Masters of the Universe
Year: 2023


The Live-Action Masters of the Universe movie certainly had its faults, but to quote the famous Christopher Lee: "Every actor has to make terrible films from time to time, but the trick is never to be terrible in them!" Case in point, the great Meg Foster, owner of the most amazing pair of pale blue eyes in all of Hollywood, who portrayed Evil-Lyn with a great combination of menace and sensuality and did the absolute best with her limited screen time.

Now we finally have a figure of that version of Evil-Lyn and while they didn't quite manage to capture Ms. Foster's amazing eyes, the figure does a great job capturing the rest of her appearance.  The figure is as well-articulated as all current MotU figures, though the skirt she wears gets in the way of leg movement a bit. The cape can be removed if you want (have to remove the head first) and she comes with two pairs of hands (open and closed), as well as a bright blue version of the Cosmic Key. No staff, but I don't think she used one on the movie, so that's okay.

Nothing much more to say here. The figure doesn't offer that much in terms of play value, but it's Evil-Lyn as played by Meg Foster and that is more than enough for this old MotU fan here.


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