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Welcome to the new website. A few months ago I realized that my old content management system (CMS) was well over 20 years old and it was time to replace it, especially seeing as my hosting service would soon no longer support PHP versions below 8. I briefly considered trying to update the old system by hand, but quickly abandoned that plan. So here we are, a brand new CMS, but the content remains the same.

Some changes have occurred, though. For one thing, you might have noticed that we no longer have separate menus for reviews and galleries. You will now find all reviews and galleries under the menu heading "Transformers Toys". Well, all of them except those dealing with non-Transformers toys, those you will find under the heading "Other Toys".

The new system also supports multiple languages, so you now switch between English and German no matter where you are on the site. Just click the little flag symbols in the upper left corner beneath the Welcome menu. 

On the former site, my Toy Database was fully integrated into the CMS. That is not (yet) the case here, so all the functionalities of the database (searching for figures by name, by alt mode, by color, by year, etc.) is now a separate module which you can reach via the menu entry "Toy Database". All reviews also contain a link to the toy database entry of the respective figure(s) and vice versa.

The Articles section contains all the non-review articles I wrote on my old site, as well as those which were previously housed at my sister site (which I will be closing down before too long). Please be advised that some articles are German-language only, while others are English-language only.

Sadly some features of the old CMS are not (yet) part of the new one. So while you can register yourself as a user here on the site, the only thing it will allow you to do for now is leave comments on the reviews. Our previous user-based features, such as putting together your own figure lists from the toy database, are not present for the foreseeable future. We are working on integrating it again, but it will probably take a while. Oh, and the old user accounts are gone, too. You will have to newly register under the "User Area" menu above. Sorry.

Finally, the migration from the old CMS to the new one was not entirely completed on January 1. A few reviews, a few more galleries, and some other stuff will still need to be migrated, so don't be surprised should you be unable to find something you remember from the old site on this new one. We are working as quickly as we can to bring everything over.

That's it for now. Hope you have fun on the New TFU site and please don't hesitate to give us feedback, let us know should you find any bugs, and any ideas you might have on how to improve this site. Thank you and here is to the next twenty years on

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