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Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Categories: Deluxe
Function: Quick-Attack Specialist
Year: 1997

The maniacal Manterror may seem awkward in appearance. But he is a skilled fighter with devastating quickness in both robot and insect battle modes. Having the power of flight and equipped with razor-sharp raptor claws, he activates internal stealth silencers to strike from the sky like a sizzling bolt of proton lightning. In robot mode, he prefers to launch his devastating ion discs, which don't stop spinning until they have sliced through a targeted enemy's external armor. As he always says, "To face Manterror, is to face defeat!"

Robot Mode: Manterror's robot mode is possibly the most evil-looking character I've ever seen as a toy. His head, the insect legs on his chest, the oversized arms with the claws, everything just screams "evil". This could never have been a good guy, never. And I have to say, I really like his look. Add great posability and nice detailing, you got a very good robot mode. Or very evil, rather. Really evil.

Beast Mode: Manterror's beast mode is a Preying Mantis and he does a pretty good job here, too. The Mantis head looks maybe a little bit too cute for his whole evil vibe thing, but that's my only complaint here. A decent if somewhat unspectacular beast mode.

Remarks: For some reason I can't quite put into words I absolutely adore this guy, at least in robot mode. He looks so evil, he could have been his own evil overlord instead of just an evil underling. His beast mode is so-so, good but nothing special, so he averages out at just short of great. Manterror never appeared in the Beast Wars TV Series, but is currently starring as one of Magmatron's minions in the IDW Beast Wars comic book series. An all-around good deluxe figure with great looks. Recommended to all Beast Wars fans.

Rating: B
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